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7 Fatal Marketing Mistakes That Most Internet Marketers Make

By Daniel Mancini On December 19, 2015 Under Internet Marketing

7 Fatal Marketing Mistakes That Most Internet Marketers Make 

Causing any of these mistakes is like shooting your business in the foot…


(1) No Clarity

common marketing mistakesNot having a crystal clear vision of exactly where you want to go.

The less clarity a marketer has in terms of marketing strategies, marketing plans and goals, the more typically they resort to the lower levels of marketing.

Pitching, hyping, over-exaggerating things are all examples of poor marketing that will more often repel people away rather than draw them in.


Have clarity of purpose, clear goals, a precise game plan and a marketing strategy.

Ensure you are confident in what you are doing and do not resort to such desperate measures.


(2) No Personal Development

It’s very easy to tell within a few seconds whether a marketer is not a student of himself, is not going through a personal growth journey and is not cultivating a successful mindset…

marketing mistakes and success

Such a person is usually freaked out at the first sign of adversity, or obstacles that appear before them in their business.

As soon as someone tries to tempt them away from what they intend to focus on with a shiny new object, you’ll notice them jumping from one program to another to another.


A clear lack of mindset is reflected in no conviction in what they are doing, poor communication, low confidence in themselves, their abilities and what they are doing or the program(s) they are involved with.

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(3) Not Enough Lead generation

While the marketer might have a great sales funnel but is simply not generating enough traffic.

internet marketing successNot enough traffic is being generated through the front end of the pipeline into that sales funnel so it can peculate and go into that process and come out into the other end as a sale.

Lack of leads and a lack of traffic need to be addressed and rectified as soon as possible.


(4) Poor Sales Funnels

How many times have you seen  poor sales funnels out there?

making money on the internet

You might see someone on Facebook for example posting on YOUR thread an offer linking to a website that just looks like a total flea market…

A complete sham of a website, infested with spam, unrelated products.

A site that you can barely stay on for a few seconds without clicking the back button straight away, let alone browse and potentially buy from.


INCOMPLETE Sales funnels…

Messages that don’t match, images don’t match, headlines don’t match, video presentations that don’t match with the follow up emails that are subsequently sent to your inbox (if any are being sent at all!)

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(5) No Follow Up

The marketer either does not follow up with prospects…


Just has a poor follow up system with a load of exaggerated, hyped up email…s “GET IN NOW GET IN NOW” “Get in at the beginning, everyone makes money at the beginning” “Click this button and make a million dollars“….

internet marketing for beginners

A sales funnel where a lot of psychological blunders are made in the sales process, trying to bully people into buying from them.

Such poorly structured sales funnels are essentially blowing their business’ face up, negating their longevity.

People come to see such “follow ups” just as money game, not as something that genuinely has their best interests in mind and that they can truly benefit and gain value from.


(6) No Mastermind

No clear system, no mentorship and no place to mastermind for their team…

how do i make money on the internet

Even if the marketer can generate leads and make a few sales, they plug their team into nothingness and then nothing happens.

By not having this, they get attacked by the attrition monster…




Members of their team leave and they keep having to focus on the front end of their sales, and are not benefiting from any back end sales where the true wealth, and bigger money lives.

The money is in the back end.

The fortune is in the follow up and the up sells.


(7) No Long Term Focus

marketing strategyNo long term focus.  They are looking for the quick buck and everybody reads that as a gambler…

That’s not free enterprise, that’s not a real entrepreneur, that’s not a real business that has any longevity.

Such a marketer is simply a gambler…



Considering these 7 fatal “marketing mistakes” that marketers make… if you look at everything the WE’VE got as members of the Prosperity Team in The Empower Network we have everything here for any Internet Marketer to succeed…

As Internet Marketers (or for anyone wishing to effectively market their business online), it is important that we take our marketing educationseriously.

It’s essential make the effort to invest in our marketing knowledge.

If you found this post about Top 7 Fatal Marketing Mistakes That Most Internet Marketers Make useful in anyway,get involved within the Empower Network TODAY and be taken step by step and shown EAXACTLY what to do succeed online.

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I hope this has been useful for you, if you have any further questions just get in touch with me by my contact information below.

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If you found this post useful, or feel that other people may benefit from what you have just read/watched, feel free to share it with your friends and peers on your various social networks.

Additionally, If you would like additional help with marketing your business or indeed setting up your own online business, get in touch with me and I’ll be more than happy to help.

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I’ll see you on the ‘Inside’

Here’s to your online success!

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Daniel Mancini

P.S: If you have ANY questions you would like to ask about Internet Marketing, Online business or promoting your business online, then feel free to send me an email at :info@Daniel-Mancini.com and I will get back to you with a reply.

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