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3 Core Features Every Good Lead Capture Page Must Have

By Daniel Mancini On October 1, 2015 No Comments

3 Core Features Every Good Lead Capture Page Must Have

I’d like to talk to you about 3 core features that every good lead capture page must have

So ensure that you include three key components on your lead capture pages.

So let’s just quickly recap…

squeeze capture page exampleOur lead capture page will usually will catch the name and contact information of our leads in order for us to build our mailing list.

So three key components that every lead capture page must have…

The first thing we need is a lead magnet magnet.


So what’s a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is basically a compelling offer that we offer people in exchange for their contact information.

So today we’re talking about a lead magnet and other times you’ll hear it being mentioned as an ethical bribe or a compelling offer.

We have a compelling offer an ethical bribe and lead magnets which are pretty much the same things.

squeeze page conversion secrets


Why do we call it a lead magnet?

We want leads to sign up to our list!

And how do we draw those leads in?

We do that by offering them a free gift of some sort.

We need a lead magnet to help us do this.

lead magnetSo that’s number one.  We need a good lead magnet, a compelling offer, an ethical bribe. It goes by these synonyms, but they are essentially the same thing.

We need a lead magnet and then we need a hook, to hook them in. to sign in to our lead magnetic.

Our hook is  the big promise.

It’s the headline, is the copy that we have in order to entice our leads, our visitors to our capture page to opt-in to receive the lead magnet.

lead capture hook So we have our lead magnet and then we have our hook.

Often it’s in the headline. And this hook is what we use.

And we use effective copywriting techniques in our copy on our capture page to entice them to sign up to receive our ethical bribe.

So we need an effective lead magnet, then we need to which we do through effective copywriting in order to entice them to receive our lead magnet.

To opt in to receive our lead magnet in exchange for their contact information.

lead page conversions

And in the third thing that every good capture page must have is a call to action, telling our visitors to sign up.

It seems very simple, but you often see a lot of capture pages that don’t have a call to action, they just expect people to do what they want them to do.

They just put a capture page out there and just expect that our visitors to our capture page will take the desired action that we want them to take.

marketing call to action But we shouldn’t be lapse about this. We need to be telling our visitors what to do!

So we need to be very clear. We need to tell them and guide them. Basically direct them as to the steps that we want them to take.

We have to be very direct and we need to tell them to sign up to receive our lead magnet.

It could be as simple as that.

But you’ll notice that capture pages that do not have clear call to actions on them, the conversion rates are lower. In fact they are significantly lower.

increase capture page conversion rates


By having a clear call to action on our capture page, that is how we significantly increase the conversion rates to on our capture page to get people to sign up to our list.

So just to recap, we need a lead magnet, we need to hook and a call to action.


And there is a lot more information and specific ways of how we can have a good lead magnet, and what comprises a good lead magnet.

And how to write a good hook on our capture page and also how to write good a good call to action.

So we talk about these in more detail in subsequent posts.

how to increase conversion rates

So three things that every good capture page must have. What are they?

A lead magnet, which can take various forms.

We need a good hook with effective copywriting techniques, which which we’ll talk about.

And we also need clear and concise call to actions.

And there are very specific ways that we can effectively portray these onto a capture page to boost conversions even more.

But essentially, to get good conversions on your capture page, make sure that you are including these three things.


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Here’s to your online success!

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Daniel Mancini

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Copywriting Tips For Beginners To Grab Attention And Increase The Selling Power Of Your Copy…

By Daniel Mancini On April 24, 2014 No Comments

Copywriting Tips For Beginners To Grab Attention And Increase The Selling Power Of Your Copy…

Effective copywriting is an essential skill that every Internet Marketer you should learn.  

Writing effective copy plays a MASSIVE role in every aspect of your marketing and sales funnel; attention grabbing blog post titles, sales pages, lead capture pages, email subject lines and calls to action etc.

copywriting tips for beginnersCopywriting is a skill that every marketer cannot afford not to understand. At least to a certain level.

Professional copywriting is a highly lucrative career path for many who commit their time to mastering this skill.

All the top companies KNOW how essential having good sales copy is to the success of their marketing campaigns.

While it could take years to fully master the broad topic of copywriting, you needn’t let this bog you down…

There are a few basic rules and copywriting tips for beginners for you to learn and apply that will dramatically boost the effectiveness of your copywriting, thus increasing the overall performance of your marketing in general…

Let’s take a look at some of these copywriting tips for beginners today…


 10 MAGIC Words To Attract Attention…

1.  FREE  –  ‘Free eBook details the secrets to generating your first dollar online’

2.  YOU / YOUR –   ‘Are YOU struggling to find leads online?’

3.  ANNOUNCING  – ‘Announcing the launch of product X’

4.  INTRODUCING –  ‘Introducing a revolutionary new system that will help you produce results in your business

5. SECRET – ‘The secret to success is not as difficult as some would like you to believe

6. NEW – ‘This new system has proven to create multiple person downlines

7. HOW TO‘How to create copy that will create an endless stream of prospects into your business’

8. GUARANTEED‘This course is guaranteed to produce results in your business or your money back’

9. MAGICAL –  ‘This simple, yet almost magical trick has resulted in 322 leads in a single day!”

10. EASY‘Follow these easy directions and you’ll be amazed at the results’

how to do copywriting

Words and Phrases To Increase The Selling Power Of Your Copy…

1. QUICKLY / EASILY / NATURALLY  –  ‘This software will quickly help you increase your sales

2. Use soft lead ins to ease your prospect into thinking of buying from you.
E.g. instead of saying “purchase this product now for a trial offer of $1, say: ‘You are invited to take a test drive of our program for a full week at the trial cost of only $10

3. Trance words: SUDDENLY / AMAZING / DISCOVER  –  ‘Discover how powerful these copywriting tips for beginners are

copywriting tips and tricks

5  Ways To Get Your Prospect Emotionally Involved With Your Copy…

1. Describe the experience your prospect has of how things play out in their life

2. Swipe from other successful sales letters and marketers.
Find out what your competitors are doing, and swipe portions of their copy to get ideas to use in your own.  Don’t copy everything word for word, but if you see that it’s working for them, you can use the same concept and structure when creating your copy, but be sure to add your own spin and inject your own personality into it.

3.  Always keep in mind the top 7 reasons why people buy…

(1) Make money
(2) Save money
(3) Save time
(4) Save effort
(5) Improve health
(6) Increase pleasure
(7) Eliminate pain

4. Use ENVY!

– Talk about something that you are envious of / were envious of before you had the advantages of your product

– Write about something that your prospects might be envious of

– Talk about how others will be envious of your prospect once they are enjoying the advantages of your offer

5. Remember the “RULE OF 7!”
Include in your copy body SEVEN stories or case studies where people can IMAGINE themselves using the product.

how to write good copy

To your success!

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Daniel Mancini

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Copywriting Tips For Beginners To Grab Attention And Increase The Selling Power Of Your Copy

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