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9 Essential Steps On How To Set Goals And Achieve Them

By Daniel Mancini On September 11, 2014 No Comments

Today’s post looks at the 9 essential steps on how to set goals and achieve them…

how to set goals and achieve themI’m not going to spend a lot of time introducing the subject of goal setting an why it’s important to have them.

I  know you are aware that setting goals is an essential part of attainment.

If you have been involved with the Internet Marketing / online business, network marketing / MLM or personal development fields for any length of time, you will have no doubt come across goal and outcome setting and will have seen a variety of different ways being taught on how to set goals and achieve them.

how to set goals and stick to themI’m not writing this post as an expert on the subject, nor am I claiming any authority in the field of personal development…

What I CAN tell you however, is that I have read many books on the subject and invested countless hours and spent THOUSAND’S of dollars on my personal development education in the form of courses, seminars, and coaching.

If you have known me for any length of time, you will have no doubt heard me say I firmly believe (rather, KNOW) that spending money on your education is the greatest return of investment one can make for themselves…

The most recent investment on my education has come in the form of the ELITE COACHING Course within the Top Producer Formula of The Empower Network…

how to set goals for yourself
After just a few minutes of coaching with Dave Wood (Leader, CEO and founding member of Empower Network), I learned things about how to set goals and achieve them that were so powerful, I just HAD to share them with you today…

Moreover there are 9 specific steps for constructing a well formed outcome, along with particular PROCESS Checks that you can go through to ensure that you have correctly constructed your goals in an effective way…

Check them out below…

9 Essential Steps On How To Set Goals And Achieve Them…

1) State your outcome / goal in positive language

Process Check:

When writing your goal would it be clear and understandable to a 5-8 year old child?

When reading your goal, does it invoke any negative feelings or images?


2)  Make sure you can initiate and maintain the activities required to accomplish that goal

Process Check

Does the goal rely on the interaction / involvement with other people or can I accomplish this myself?

Is the accomplishment of this goal within your power/ control?

Is the goal in the domain of YOUR responsibility, or someone else’s‘?

What’s something you can do THIS week to accomplish it?  What’s something you can do TODAY to accomplish it?
What’s something you can do RIGHT NOW?

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3)  Contextualize the accomplishment of that goal

Process Check

Do you know WHEN it’s going to be accomplished?

Do you know WHERE you’re going to be?

Do you know WHERE it’s going to be accomplished, WHEN it’s accomplished?

Do you know WHAT it looks like?

Do you know WHO you’re with?


4)  State your goal/outcome in language clear enough to be able to to envisage it as if watching it on a video

Process Check

Is the goal described primarily in visual, auditory and kinaesthetic language?

Have you covered the way that you SEE, the way that you HEAR and the way that you FEEL in the goal?

Have you described them CLEAR enough, so that it produces SOUNDS, SIGHTS and FEELINGS as you are reading it?

(note: to do this you need to remove all ambiguity from the goal.  You must have ZERO ambiguity)

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5)  Brake your goal/outcome into bite-sized chunks and in a sequence so that you know what to do next

Process Check:

Do you feel overwhelmed by the though of your goal?

(note: you should NEVER feel overwhelmed in the process of the ONE thing that’s next)

If you set a goal broken down and based on consistent habits, you will win.  How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time, and it’s going to take you a while!


6)  Be clear on the resources you need to accomplish your goal

Process Check

What do you need; TIME wise, ENERGY wise and RESOURCE wise to accomplish this goal?

(note: Create a list of resources that you have.  Also create a list of resources that you don’t have just yet.  If you do that your subconscious mind will begin seeking those resources and you will eventually find them)
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7)  Have sufficiently described evidence of that goal’s accomplishment

Process Check

WHEN is it going to be accomplished?

What PHYSICAL evidence is there?

What other kinds of NON-PHYSICAL evidence is there? (e.g. emotions, feelings, thoughts etc)

What CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence is there around you that let’s you know that you have accomplished your goal so that you can stop working and begin CELEBRATING your achievement?


 8)  Make sure your motivation is clear on accomplishing your goal

Process Check

When reading your goal, are you sufficiently compelled to actually go out and accomplish it?

(note: When setting your goal, describe things in a way that invites you and compels you to take action and achieve it)

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9)  Make sure you are aligned internally and externally to achieve your goal / outcome

Process Check

Ask yourself : “Do I have anything inside of me that objects to this being accomplished?”

(note:  Objections can come in the form of emotions, thoughts, feelings and visions.
If there are any conflicts, you can resolve them by making a deal with yourself.   E.g. “During the accomplishment of my goal, I am going to spend at least one hour per day having quality time with my children”)


If you follow these 9 steps on how to set goals and achieve them, you will get clear, aligned and you’ll know what to do.  And if you get CLEAR then you will accomplish your goals…

In the Top Producer Formula training (which I STRONGLY recommend you invest in), you will be taught that TOP PRODUCER’S are clear on…

1)  What they want

2)  Why they want it

3)  How they are going to accomplish it

4)  What they need to do next

If you are not clear on these things then it’s likely you won’t end up doing anything.

Then great part however is that most of this is going to come from your own thinking, your own studying and asking questions to yourself…
As you can see, this is the type of quality information that you have access to once you INVEST In Your Education.

Once You Invest In The Top Producer Formula, after just a few minutes you’ll already be taught life changing lessons such as these.

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Unfortunately, today I don’t have time to discuss the ins and outs of all the MASSIVE VALUE you are going to receive after signing up for the top producer formula, because I’m about to go out and enjoy the rest of my evening…

However to find out more (which I strongly suggest you do) simply Click Here and see for yourself…

Of course, if you have any questions or if there’s anything, feel free to contact me and of course I will be here to support you every step of the way!

Here’s to your online success!

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Daniel Mancini

P.S: If you have ANY question you would like to ask about Internet Marketing, Online business or promoting your business online, then feel free to send me an email at :info@Daniel-Mancini.com and I will get back to you with a reply.

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3 Powerful morning habits of highly successful people .What most successful people do before breakfast

By Daniel Mancini On June 2, 2014 No Comments

3 Powerful morning habits of highly successful people. What most successful people do before breakfast.

Anyone who has been involved with Internet Marketing or online business for any amount of time will know how closely Personal Development and Internet Marketing go hand in hand.

The same too applies with Network Marketing and MLM.

morning habits of highly successful peopleIt wasn’t until I began my online journey that I first came across the filed of personal development and self improvement.

I’ll never forget the first time one of my earlier mentors introduced me to the works of Jim Rohn.  It blew me away!

One of the things I love so much about the field of Internet Marketing and online business (as well as Network Marketing and MLM) and am so grateful for, is the major life transformations that it often leads people to have.

It’s not just only about making money online and earning a residual passive income that allows you to have complete geographical and time freedom.  A lifestyle often unattainable in many other lines of business.

Your online journey will lead you to so many different, wonderful things that you could never have imagined possible.

A huge part of this, I believe is due to how closely the field of personal development and Internet Marketing and online business intertwine with each other.

Not only that, but it is a thoroughly enjoyable process…

I often spend my “down time” reading books, listening to audios, watching inspirational and informative videos online and researching and reading content online such as you are doing now (well done for doing that by the way, the very fact you are reading this says a lot about how you are choosing to invest your valuable time).

If you are interested to know, this was the VERY FIRST personal development video I ever watched!  My mentor at the time recommended I watch this, and it had a profound impact on me!…

So I’d like to share with you some information I recently discovered on the subject of
3 Powerful morning habits of highly successful people  .What most successful people do before breakfast.


3 Powerful morning habits of highly successful people.  Habit 1…

They Wake Up Early

The early bird catches the worm, as the old saying goes.  And this is something that is consistently displayed time and time again.

A survey conducted with 20 executives by Vanderkam, revealed 90% reported waking up before 6 a.m. on weekdays. Another example being PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, for example, reports being in the office no later than 7am and waking up each day at 4am.

tips from successful people
If you have spent time reading autobiographies or observing the patterns of the most successful people around you, you will see how the vast majority of them are early risers.

I once read in the book ‘Divine Inspiration: The Secret of Eternal Youth’ (Sant Shri Asharamji Ashram) that it is best to wake up before dawn, before 4am.

Anyone who is familiar with the New Testament will know in that Jesus Christ would wake up very early in the morning before day break and pray.

And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed” (Mark 1:35)

Need we say more?

Granted there are always exceptions to the rules!

One of my mentors who is extremely successful always enjoys his lay ins when he can.  But then again, he worked hard for YEARS to escape the rat race and has earned his right to be able to do that.

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3 Powerful morning habits of highly successful people  Step 2

They Exercise

You only need to spend a couple of minutes researching into the benefits of exercise to see the massive benefits it can have on those who do it regularly. 

No one is saying we need to run a marathon each morning, or spend hours down the gym.  

benefits of early morning exercise
Even taking a light, brisk walk for half an hour in the morning can make a HUGE difference to your productivity levels.

We could sit here for ages talking about the MANY health benefits of regular, morning exercise (which can take many forms), but in terms of productivity and attaining goals etc, it is proven, time and time again that the most successful people take the time to  engage in some form of physical exercise each morning.


3 Powerful morning habits of highly successful people  Step 3

They Meditate

I’m no expert on meditation, vibration alignment or mindset, but one thing you will notice, especially if you are into personal development etc, is that the majority of the top most successful leaders frequently indulge in some form of meditation practice, of which there are several.

benefits of meditation
This includes prayer (although for me, personally, I see prayer and meditation as being two distinctly different and separate practices)

There is something very powerful about having presence of mind, remaining calm and centered in the now and being the observer of your inner body and thoughts.
Be it through basic meditation practices, transcendental meditations or Feng Shui (something which I am currently practicing) or through several other mediums, regular meditation is another one of the major habits of highly successful people and what most successful people do in the mornings.

If you found this post interesting or know anyone who may also enjoy reading this post, then feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other social networks you are currently active on.

Here’s to your success!

Top 5 morning habits of highly successful people  .What most successful people do before breakfast

Daniel Mancini

   cini 2010

P.S: If you have ANY question you would like to ask about Internet Marketing, Online business or promoting your business online, then feel free to send me an email at : info@Daniel-Mancini.com and I will get back to you with a reply.

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